Bromic Heating Tungsten Smart-Heat 38,500 BTU Natural Gas Freestanding Portable Patio Heater – BH0510005
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  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas
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  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas
Condition: New

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  •  3 year warranty

Bromic Heating Tungsten Smart-Heat 38,500 BTU Natural Gas Freestanding Portable Patio Heater – BH0510005

Bromic Heating leads the market by providing radiant heaters for your outdoor patio that exhibit exceptional performance and unbeatable quality. The Tungsten Freestanding Portable Heater stands out from dome or mushroom style portable patio heaters due to its innovative design.

Unlike conventional heaters that primarily heat the surrounding air, the Tungsten heating element on this 38,500 BTU natural gas infrared directional standing heater eliminates vertical heat loss. Typical heaters end up heating the air above them, rather than the people and space around them. However, the radiant heater element on the Bromic Tungsten Freestanding Portable Heater heats directionally, effectively warming an area of up to 200 square feet, which is twice the coverage of other portable dome, mushroom, or tower style heaters. The heat is distributed evenly, ensuring that warmth is directed towards people and deep into open areas.

Operating this heater is simple and convenient. With a single push of a button, the heater ignites, and a control knob allows you to adjust the heat output to your desired level. The Bromic-patented wind resistance technology enables the heater to function even in winds with gusts of up to 11mph, remaining lit and providing continuous warmth. In the event that the flame is blown out, the built-in regulator automatically disables the gas supply, prioritizing safety.

The tower-style modular design of the Tungsten Freestanding Portable Heater allows for easy disassembly and storage during the off-season, ensuring convenience and space-saving.

Choose Bromic Heating for your outdoor patio heating needs and experience exceptional performance and quality. Enjoy the targeted warmth, extended coverage, and reliability provided by the Tungsten Freestanding Portable Heater. Create a comfortable and inviting outdoor environment where you can gather and entertain with ease, knowing that you are backed by Bromic’s commitment to excellence.


PDF Documents
Fuel Type Natural Gas
Style Freestanding
Avg Burn Time 10 Hours
Finish Black
Material Stainless Steel
Avg Heat Area 16 Ft. Diameter
Emitter Grid Stainless Steel
Grade Residential / Commercial
Heating Elements Dual Element
Infrared Yes
Safety Shut Off Valve With Safety Shut-Off
BTU Range 0 - 10,000
Watts 1400
Volts 110V