SunStar GLASS 48-Inch 35,000 BTU Propane Gas Patio Heater W/ Adjustable Mounting Kit – L7 SGL1560
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  •  Fuel Type: Propane

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  •  Fuel Type: Propane

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  •  2 year warranty

SunStar GLASS 48-Inch 35,000 BTU Propane Gas Patio Heater W/ Adjustable Mounting Kit – L7 SGL1560

The SunStar GLASS patio heaters are designed to provide radiant heat, similar to the warmth of the sun, to create a comfortable outdoor environment even during colder months. These heaters emit radiant heat that warms people and objects directly at floor level, without heating the surrounding air. This targeted heating method ensures efficient and effective warmth where it is needed most.

The GLASS heaters are equipped with high temperature tinted glass, which not only adds an elegant touch to the design but also provides wind resistance of up to 40MPH. This feature ensures that the heaters can withstand breezy conditions without compromising their performance.

The GLASS patio heaters are factory shipped as two-stage control heaters, offering flexibility in heat output. They come with a 3-position switch that allows you to choose between the first stage (24,000 BTU/hour) for milder days and the full power mode (35,000 BTU/hour) for colder days. This allows you to adjust the heat output based on the temperature and your comfort level.

For easy installation, the GLASS heaters come with a black adjustable wall/ceiling mounting kit. This mounting kit can be adjusted from 15 to 30 inches and is designed for mounting heights ranging from 7 to 10 feet. Additionally, it allows for angled installation from 15 to 60 degrees, providing flexibility in positioning the heaters to best suit your outdoor space.

The SunStar GLASS patio heaters are powered by liquid propane, offering convenient and reliable fuel for your outdoor heating needs. The package includes the GLASS heater in black, the black adjustable wall/ceiling mounting kit, and the 3-position switch kit with settings for High, Low, and Off.

With the SunStar GLASS patio heaters, you can enjoy the warmth and comfort of radiant heat on your patio, allowing you to extend your outdoor season and make the most of your outdoor living space.


PDF Documents
Fuel Type Propane
Style Wall/Ceiling Mount
Avg Burn Time 10 Hours
Finish Black
Material Aluminum
Avg Heat Area 10 Ft. Diameter
Emitter Grid Aluminum
Grade Residential / Commercial
Heating Elements Dual Element
Infrared Yes
Safety Shut Off Valve With Safety Shut-Off
BTU Range 0 - 10,000
Watts 3500
Volts 120V